Thursday, 7 March 2013

Back on track ...... kinda

Ok so I know I fell off the blogging band wagon last year but I kinda let my depression run riot for the majority of last year. So to cut a long story short I am doing better, I'm nowhere near 100% but I'm getting slowly getting there.

In January I joined my local Rosemary Conley class. I found out there was a class very close by and I decided to pull up the courage to go. So I attended my first class with my mother-in-law in tow and I was really nervous as this is a Zumba class and I had not done any group exercise for over a year.  I have to say that my nervousness was completely unwarranted. The zumba was soo much fun and I was surprisesd at how much I enjoyed it. Another thing that pleased me was the fact that I only sat out for one dance.

I found the diet really easy to follow and when I went back the following week I had lost 3lbs :-) I found the Zumba was just as much fun as the first time and I didn't have to take a breather this time, which made me quite proud of myself.

The following week we were snowed in so I missed a class. I haven't yet been back as I fell ill, my great aunt Barbara passed away, then I got food poisoning, just as I was getting better I got a chest infection which I am still being treated for.

I did weigh myself on my mother-in-laws scales about 2 weeks ago and they showed another 4.5lbs off.

I hope was hoping to return to class this week but as I am still suffering with my chest I thought it best I give it miss again, but I am hoping to return next Tuesday.

Well I think that is everything for now.