Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Weight Loss Milestone

Really happy to say I have now lost a total of 9st / 126lbs from my highest weight. I have also started to notice the difference. When I look in the mirror I can tell I've not got as many chins and I can see the outline of my collar bones. Having gone from  size 28/30 I'm now a size 18/20 depending on the fit and my feet have gone from a size 7 to a 5/6. I still struggle to believe that I have lost 9st but I am so glad that I have. I no longer get pain in my lower back when walking, I can walk further but my asthma still limits me when going uphill, I don't use my inhaler as much throughout the day, the best of all is being able to walk into any clothes shop and be able to find something that fits. Today I've sorted through some of my clothes and I've got a bag for charity, a bag for eBay and a bag for the bin. So the next free listing day on eBay I will be selling loads of clothes. My husband and I have been to a couple of gigs recently and I treated myself to souvenir tshirts in a large but they are rather tight so I'm going to slim into them. I'm not going to lie, I was bit disappointed when they didn't fit but it gives me something to aim for.

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