Thursday, 26 April 2012

Bye Bye Old Scales

Can't believe its been so long since I last posted. I did try updating last week but my internet was on the fritz.

Anyway, I thought I had been doing really well with Weight Watchers on my own. That is until I went to my first meeting the last week and found out my scales are telling porkies.

So the meeting scales had me at 21st 12lb which was a shock thanks to my unfaithful scales which are now in the bin. I was really good that week and when I went to my meeting on Monday this week I was down a pound :-D

I am really happy that my weight loss is going in the right direction even if it is only a pound a week.

I've set my first weight watchers goal at  5% which will take me down to 20st 11lb. The goals that I've put on the right hand side of this page are my  Weight Watcher goals. When I have achieved the goals I will put the date  completed next to the goal.

So it's looking likely that I won't fit into that size 18 dress for our Leon & Lisa's wedding party in June, but that just mean I get to do a little shopping :-D

I have been catching up on reading the blogs I follow today and one of my favourites is Curvy Girl Blogs recently she has created another site called Wardrobia where us real women can upload pictures of our new purchases so others can see how they look on a real person. You can search by brand / size / height / body type. I will definitely be using this site to help me find an outfit for the wedding.

Love Bex

Monday, 9 April 2012

1st WW Weigh In & Easter

I've weighed myself today and I'm happy to report a 1lb loss :D

I am quite shocked that I lost this week as most days I felt really full at the end of the day and its obviously Easter.

The hubby and myself stayed in Brid at my parents on Saturday night and we had a Chinese takeaway with my parents, the ninnies, one boyfriend and my gorgeous niece. On the Sunday morning we had bacon in croissants for brunch, we stopped in at my NanEtta's for a cuppa and were faced with a plate a biscuits of which I only had two. We then drove over to see my bestie Kat and her little family in Malton where we were treated to homemade spagbol. This morning I had a toasted teacake for breakfast. All of this was of course within my points allowance.

Today we are sat watching TV and are going to share a small Easter egg which will be pointed :D

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Made the Decision

Ive made up my mind and signed up for a Weight Watchers monthly pass :)

I'm very happy about the decision and have chosen to do the easy start so I have don't have to think about it for the next week.

I have chosen to go to the meetings at the Gledholt Methodist Church on a Monday at 6:30pm. Unfortunately tomorrows class is cancelled so I will have to wait a week before attending a class.

Decisions Decisions

Well after saying I was going to be a good girl after last week I have really been struggling with lighterlife this week. I did start the week with good intentions but they gradually deserted me.

Over the past few days I have been thinking that £72 a week is a lot of money if I can lose the same amount of weight doing Weight Watchers with a monthly pass costing only £20.

I have just been looking on the Weight Watchers site and I found a class on tomorrow night after work at the Gledholt Methodist Church. 

So should I persevere with lighterlife or join weight watchers?