Wednesday, 28 March 2012

5th LighterLife Weigh In

After last weeks appalling 1.4kg/3lb gain the scales have been kind and showed an OK stay the same. Obviously it's not a loss but I am still happy that I have not gained in the past week.

So after last nights weigh in I am now determined to stay on track this week and have a decent loss next week. I am hoping for at least 1kg/2.2lb. So in an effort to boost my loss at next weeks weigh in I am increasing my fluid intake by having a glass of water for every cup of tea I consume. Which will unfortunately mean even more pee breaks but if the weight comes off I'm not bothered.

Think I'm going to have a shepherd pie foodpack tonight.

That's all for now

Love Bex

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Weight Gain and Pain

So at my last lighterlife weigh in on Tuesday 20th March I had gained taking me from 136.4kg/21st 6lb up to 137.8kg/21.9lb. Obviously I am not happy about this but on thinking about the days leading up to the weigh in I should have been more careful.

On the Saturday I met my mum, sister, and niece at Ikea and like a donut I forget to take any foodpacks with me. When we got there I was feeling a little hungry as I hadn't had a foodpack before leaving the house. My mum and sister said they were hungry and wanted to go straight to the restaurant so I ended up giving in to my stomach and having a sandwich. The on Sunday, Mothers Day, my husband and I treated my mother-in-law to breakfast at Greenhead Park and I decided to have the vegetarian breakfast as again I had not had anything before leaving the house.

Really its no surprise that I had gained weight when I had been abstaining from "conventional" food for the past 4 weeks.

Now its Sunday again and instead of taking note of my previous weeks weight gain and food mistakes I have not been entirely on plan. I am now wondering what the scales are going to say at weigh in on Tuesday, my scales say I have gone down to 135.9kg/21st 4lb. I am not taking what my scales are showing as the truth as all scales are slightly different and I don't want to be totally disheartened if the lighterlife scales say otherwise.

As well I having not been on plan this week I have not been 100% well thanks to my PCOS. Last Sunday, Mothering Sunday, I started with some niggling abdo pain. By Tuesday I was in a lot of pain and ended up leaving work around lunchtime as the pressure on my lower abdomen from sitting down was making the pain worse. So I drove home in agony and proceeded to change into my PJ's and have a lie down on the sofa with a mix of ibuprofen and paracetamol to try and dampen the pain. Unfortunately the pain did not subside and I ended up taking the rest of the week off.

I'm still not entirely pain free but I am much better than I was on Tuesday, so I will be going back into work tomorrow. I'm hoping that the pain wont be too bad.

I will let you know how weigh in goes on Tuesday.

Love Bex

Friday, 23 March 2012

Ok I've not been feeling that great this past week thanks to abdo pain from my pcos. I managed to get to weigh in this week where I had gained 3lb thanks to having food at the weekend due to not being prepared. Anyhu I will post a proper update in the next few days

Love Bex

Thursday, 8 March 2012

LighterLife So Far

Well I am now just starting my third week of LighterLife and I am impressed. I really thought I would struggle to get used to it but I'm doing really well. The only thing I'm struggling with is not having any milk.

The weight is dropping off me. In my starting week I weighed 142.2kg / 22st 5lb, first weigh in 138.2kg / 21st 10lb, second weigh in 137.3kg / 21st 8lb. Which means I have lost a whopping 4.9kg / 11lb in just 2 weeks. I have also reduced my BMI from 54.27 to 52.40 .

I am hoping to be down to 130kg / 20st 4lb by my 25th birthday in May which gives me 9 weeks to lose 7.3kg / 16lb. If I manage to do it I will treat myself to a new outfit.

Talking about new outfits I picked up two new tops in Evans at the weekend and I love them both. I also got some new jeans and surprise surprise I've gone from getting jeans in a size 28 to a size 26 :)

Paying it Forward

Check out this new site I have just joined, its a great way to get a bit more recognition for your blog.

Love Bex

Friday, 2 March 2012

Health Update

I saw my consultant endocrinologist on Wednesday and got some crappy news.

My vitamin D levels have not improve sufficiently with the medication I was prescribed at my last appointment so they have increased the dosage to two tablets three times a week. When I took the prescription to the hospital pharmacy they had to ring the consultant to double check the dosage as they said it is an extremely high dose. If this lot of tablets does not work then I will have to have to start having injections :(

Also my thyroid levels have changed for the worse yet again. So my tablets have been increased to 175mcg one day and 200mcg the next. The consultant did think about just giving me 200mcg daily but he was concerned that it would make my levels go to far the other way making me hyper so Ive got to see how this goes til I see him again.

That's all for now

Love Bex