Thursday, 18 August 2016

Weight Loss & MRI

I am now almost a year post op and I am proud of how far I have come in that time. Still cannot believe how much weight I have lost. Back in August last year I was wearing a size 28 and now currently wearing a size 16. Though I did buy a size 14 skirt a few weeks ago that would not fit at all and I tried it on the other day and it fit perfectly. My current goal weight is 168lbs / 12st which is exactly half of what I used to weigh and I've only got another 12.5lbs to lose. Recently I've been thinking I might lose a little more but I'll make a decision on that once I get to my current goal.

Current Weight
  180.5lbs / 12st 12.5lbs 
Starting Weight
324lbs / 23st 2lbs
143.5lbs  / 10st 3.5lbs
Highest Weight
336lbs / 24st
155.5lbs / 11st 1.5lbs
Surgery Weight297.6lbs / 21st 3lbs116.5lbs / 8st 4.5lbs

July 2016                 August 2015

I have been struggling recently due to having gallstones. During the ultrasound to confirm the gallstones they found a cyst on my liver so I had to have an MRI scan a few weeks ago. I have not yet had the results of the MRI but I got a call from the Bariatric Nurse earlier this week to say that they think it is just a cyst but they need me to have another MRI with a different contrast dye to confirm this. Even though the Nurse said they think it is nothing untoward and this second scan is just to confirm it I am now convinced the second scan is because it is something sinister. Fair to say I am worrying and my low mood is starting to creep back in. I've also been going dizzy nearly everyday. My GP has checked my blood pressure and I have checked it myself a couple of times and it is always normal. So the only other thing it could be is delayed dumping. I'm going to keep an eye on it and try to work out what is causing it. I'm due to see the consultant in a couple of weeks to discuss my MRI and I plan on mentioning it to them as well.

On a happier note thanks to all the weight I have lost I am now able to do so much more. I can go on walks without needing to use my inhaler or worry whether there will be anywhere for me to sit when I need a break. I used to stay indoors most of the time, only venturing out if I absolutely had to. Now my husband and I go into town most weekends or we will go to a local park for a walk. I find it easier to eat in public as I no longer think people are looking at me while eating. I used to hate having my photo taken and would purposely hid behind others in group shots or turn away if the camera was pointed at me. Don't get me wrong I'm still not entirely keen on having my picture taken. Here are a few I've taken over the last couple of months.

I recently got new glasses and had my hair cut and coloured

Husband and I on Withernsea seafront

My sister Laura and I

Enjoying my first alcoholic drink since the surgery