Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Disappointing Weigh In

I am very disappointed with this weeks weigh in. The scales are showing 140.1kg which puts me up from last weeks 139.3kg. Can't say I don't know where I went wrong because I do. But I am disappointed as when I saw the lifestyle nurse at work on Thursday her scales said I was still at 139.3.  We went to Brid on Saturday on the way we had to stop while the mother-in-law went to meet the Doctors she will now be working with. While we were waiting for her we popped to the shop to get some drinks for the journey. Usually I would only drink water in the car but for some reason I got Ben Shaws cloudy lemonade instead. I also picked up a packet of Seabrooks beefy crisps and a twix. While we were in Brid I did walk into town from my nan's house with my sister and her little girl but a walk that would normally take my sister 10 minutes took us around 20 thanks to my lardy bucket. By the time we got to town I was already in pain with my back so instead of having a stroll around we just went to the shops we needed to then got my Dad to pick us up instead of walking the 15 minutes to my other Grandparents house. Where I ate a chicken mayo sandwich and a caramel slice. Then when we got home around 8ish, neither of us could be bothered to cook so we ordered chinese, which was just pure laziness as we had plenty of food in the house.

So I can honestly admit that I know it is my own fault that I gained. I shouldn't have eaten what I did and I should have stopped myself from ringing my Dad for a lift and walked the 15 minutes to my Grandparents house.

My name is Beckie and I'm a lazy sod

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