Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Sorry Ive neglected my blog for the last couple of weeks, I have a few things on my mind.

Last week I went to a lighterlife meeting to find out what its all about and I was really shocked to find their scales weighed me in at 142k. The other thing that shocked me was the cost. It would cost me £72 a week to lose weight with lighterlife as well as still having to buy food in for the husband. Thankfully I have a supportive family and they are going to help towards the cost so that I can lose some serious weight.

On the plus side I weighed myself on my scales last night and they showed 140.5. It isn't great as I've still got a few kilos to lose to get over the gain but its a step in the right direction.

I've decided this week that the best way for me to gradually increase my exercise is to start slowly and comfortably in my own home. So I am going to start by going on the Wii for 10 minutes as soon as I get in from work and gradually build it up to 30 minutes over a few weeks. And use the weekends to go out for walks with James.

Talking of walks we walked around Newmillerdam the other Sunday. Yes I took the shorter route of 1.2k rather than the 1.6 and I did stop a few times to rest my back but I did it without too much whingeing. I took a coulple of pics and a really nice one of me and James. I usually hate having my photo taken but I really do like the pic of Jimmy and me.

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