Monday, 20 February 2012


Oops meant to post this last night

I have my first LighterLife class tomorrow. Honestly I am quite excited about it.

At the initial consultation evening the other week I was told I would have to see my GP for a health screen form to be filled in due to some of the medication I am taking and I will then have to have monthly blood pressure checks to ensure all is ok.

Well I saw my GP before work this morning and he filled in the form for me. Due to being on some antidiruetics he gave me a blood form to have my electrolytes checked and another form to get them done again in 3-4 weeks time to see if the diet has had any effect. My GP said that if it does affect my electrolytes then I will have to come off the meds. In the mean time I am to start the diet and see him again for the bloods results in a months time. If I start to feel ill then I am to stop the diet and go see him for a check up.

I have made the decision that I am going to do the diet to lose around 4-5stone and hopefully this will increase my confidence enough to take the plunge and join some kind of exercise class.

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