Monday, 9 April 2012

1st WW Weigh In & Easter

I've weighed myself today and I'm happy to report a 1lb loss :D

I am quite shocked that I lost this week as most days I felt really full at the end of the day and its obviously Easter.

The hubby and myself stayed in Brid at my parents on Saturday night and we had a Chinese takeaway with my parents, the ninnies, one boyfriend and my gorgeous niece. On the Sunday morning we had bacon in croissants for brunch, we stopped in at my NanEtta's for a cuppa and were faced with a plate a biscuits of which I only had two. We then drove over to see my bestie Kat and her little family in Malton where we were treated to homemade spagbol. This morning I had a toasted teacake for breakfast. All of this was of course within my points allowance.

Today we are sat watching TV and are going to share a small Easter egg which will be pointed :D

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