Sunday, 1 April 2012

Decisions Decisions

Well after saying I was going to be a good girl after last week I have really been struggling with lighterlife this week. I did start the week with good intentions but they gradually deserted me.

Over the past few days I have been thinking that £72 a week is a lot of money if I can lose the same amount of weight doing Weight Watchers with a monthly pass costing only £20.

I have just been looking on the Weight Watchers site and I found a class on tomorrow night after work at the Gledholt Methodist Church. 

So should I persevere with lighterlife or join weight watchers?

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  1. Haven't read your blog until now, so don't know how much exercise you do. I'd definitely join WW - in the end, you can cut the odd corner with WW to save time by buying some prepared meals while cooking others. Anything is allowed as long as you count it,the online tool is good, and the salad season is upon us. I'd spend that money on a gym and if you can afford it, a personal trainer. My doctor was able to refer me to my local gym with a prescription for particular support. I've found that having someone really interested in how you are progressing (including in weight loss which really only comes through a change in diet) and to whom you have to answer (though that is not how they see it at my gym) is really motivating. They have a letter from your doctor about what you are allowed to do etc. I thought I would be really embarrassed at my gym, but there were a goodly number of overweight people like me there on the same mission, and people respect you for doing something about it.

    Good luck, whatever you decide. xx