Wednesday, 23 May 2012

New Week Weigh In

Got weighed on Monday and I've lost 3.8lbs :-D

Now I know I've still got a little bit left from my 5lb birthday gain but I am so pleased that I have lost 3.8lbs (and that .8 is very important). All I did was think about what I was eating before I put it anywhere near my mouth.

As for my exercise I have yet to make this a prominent feature in my week. Firstly I need to have a rummage through the house as we are overflowing our 2 up 1down house. So my mission over the coming weeks is too sort through everything we have and decide what needs to go up in the loft, what can be put on ebay, what can be given to charity and what junk needs chucking.

Well that's my lunch break over, suppose I should get back to work

Love Bex

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  1. Goodluck with your weightloss journey! Ive currently been forcing myself to get my ass to the gym, its definalty not easy, just have to find the motivation! I hope you make great progess, your story is inspirational!!