Friday, 2 March 2012

Health Update

I saw my consultant endocrinologist on Wednesday and got some crappy news.

My vitamin D levels have not improve sufficiently with the medication I was prescribed at my last appointment so they have increased the dosage to two tablets three times a week. When I took the prescription to the hospital pharmacy they had to ring the consultant to double check the dosage as they said it is an extremely high dose. If this lot of tablets does not work then I will have to have to start having injections :(

Also my thyroid levels have changed for the worse yet again. So my tablets have been increased to 175mcg one day and 200mcg the next. The consultant did think about just giving me 200mcg daily but he was concerned that it would make my levels go to far the other way making me hyper so Ive got to see how this goes til I see him again.

That's all for now

Love Bex

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