Thursday, 8 March 2012

LighterLife So Far

Well I am now just starting my third week of LighterLife and I am impressed. I really thought I would struggle to get used to it but I'm doing really well. The only thing I'm struggling with is not having any milk.

The weight is dropping off me. In my starting week I weighed 142.2kg / 22st 5lb, first weigh in 138.2kg / 21st 10lb, second weigh in 137.3kg / 21st 8lb. Which means I have lost a whopping 4.9kg / 11lb in just 2 weeks. I have also reduced my BMI from 54.27 to 52.40 .

I am hoping to be down to 130kg / 20st 4lb by my 25th birthday in May which gives me 9 weeks to lose 7.3kg / 16lb. If I manage to do it I will treat myself to a new outfit.

Talking about new outfits I picked up two new tops in Evans at the weekend and I love them both. I also got some new jeans and surprise surprise I've gone from getting jeans in a size 28 to a size 26 :)

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