Sunday, 25 March 2012

Weight Gain and Pain

So at my last lighterlife weigh in on Tuesday 20th March I had gained taking me from 136.4kg/21st 6lb up to 137.8kg/21.9lb. Obviously I am not happy about this but on thinking about the days leading up to the weigh in I should have been more careful.

On the Saturday I met my mum, sister, and niece at Ikea and like a donut I forget to take any foodpacks with me. When we got there I was feeling a little hungry as I hadn't had a foodpack before leaving the house. My mum and sister said they were hungry and wanted to go straight to the restaurant so I ended up giving in to my stomach and having a sandwich. The on Sunday, Mothers Day, my husband and I treated my mother-in-law to breakfast at Greenhead Park and I decided to have the vegetarian breakfast as again I had not had anything before leaving the house.

Really its no surprise that I had gained weight when I had been abstaining from "conventional" food for the past 4 weeks.

Now its Sunday again and instead of taking note of my previous weeks weight gain and food mistakes I have not been entirely on plan. I am now wondering what the scales are going to say at weigh in on Tuesday, my scales say I have gone down to 135.9kg/21st 4lb. I am not taking what my scales are showing as the truth as all scales are slightly different and I don't want to be totally disheartened if the lighterlife scales say otherwise.

As well I having not been on plan this week I have not been 100% well thanks to my PCOS. Last Sunday, Mothering Sunday, I started with some niggling abdo pain. By Tuesday I was in a lot of pain and ended up leaving work around lunchtime as the pressure on my lower abdomen from sitting down was making the pain worse. So I drove home in agony and proceeded to change into my PJ's and have a lie down on the sofa with a mix of ibuprofen and paracetamol to try and dampen the pain. Unfortunately the pain did not subside and I ended up taking the rest of the week off.

I'm still not entirely pain free but I am much better than I was on Tuesday, so I will be going back into work tomorrow. I'm hoping that the pain wont be too bad.

I will let you know how weigh in goes on Tuesday.

Love Bex

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  1. oh dear, hope you feel better soon