Thursday, 7 January 2016

New Clothes & PCOS

When I got home from work yesterday I had received an order from Very. I tried everything on and got my husband to take some pics so I could see what the outfits looked like. Also had to send the pics to a couple of friends for their opinion, as I don’t always trust my own.

Out of everything I’ve decided to keep two dresses, 2 skirts and a cardigan. I’ve got a load of stuff to send back as I ordered a few different sizes to see what looked best.

I’m still awaiting an order fromSimply Be to arrive so I will have another ‘fashion show’ when they arrive.

This morning I saw my GP about my PCOS. As I have lost a lot of weight they have sent me to have my bloods done to check my hormone levels as the last time I had them done was when I was first diagnosed back in 2008. On the positive side my GP said that as I have had two periods in the space of four months, compared to my usual one every two years, it appears my weight loss has improved my PCOS. My GP did say that if I had been actively trying to conceive for 6 months with no results they would refer to a fertility specialist. However I’m not ready to try just yet and the Bariatric Team advise you not to get pregnant for at least 1 year to 18 months after the surgery. But at least now I know that thanks to my weight loss I will have a better chance of conceiving naturally, whereas before the op I’d convinced myself that the chance of me having children were zero.

After I had my bloods done I popped into the outpatient department and jumped on the scales as they are the ones I would usually use. According to the outpatient scales since the op in September I’ve lost 72lb / 5st 2lb and from my highest weight in September 2014 I’ve lost 110lb / 7st 12lb.

Tonight’s tea is going to be tomato and butternut squash pasta from this month’s Slimming World magazine (except I won’t be putting any cheese on top) and some leftover homemade spicy pulled pork.

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